Early Morning Drop-Off

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy offers an Early Morning Drop-Off Program open to all students. Children who participate in the program can socialize, read, play or eat their breakfast under adult supervision. See details below.

Main Contact
Diane Rigobello – Financial Secretary

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy
Extended School Area on the Lower Level

Start Dates
Monday, September 9th (1st – 8th Grade)
Wednesday, September 11th (Kindergarten)
Monday, September 16th (Nursery – Pre-K)

End Date
Friday, June 19st

7:30 – 8:00 AM each school morning
Please do not send students before 7:30 AM.

$1,000 – Yearly discounted fee for one student
$1,200 – Yearly discounted fee for a family
$8 – Daily fee for occasional use by one student
$10 – Daily fee for occasional use by a family

Full Year Payment
Four payments of either $250 or $300 must be made by 09/30/19, 11/29/18, 01/31/20, 03/31/20

Occasional Use Payment
Please send payments to the attention of Diane Rigobello in an envelope with the child’s name and class.

If you would like to register your child for the Early Morning Drop-Off Program, please fill out the Registration Form and return it to the Front Office. Please note that you can type directly into the form.