Tuition and Financial Aid

2020-2021 Tuition (Includes all textbooks, workbooks, and school supplies)

School Program                                                Tuition
3-Year-Old Five Half Days                                  $10,630
3-Year-Old Five Full Days                                   $15,525

Pre-K Five Full Days                                           $10,140

K-8th Grade (One Child)                                     $8,045
K-8th Grade (Two Children)                                $14,980
K-8th Grade (Three or more children)                $18,190

Payment Options:

– Payment in full: due by May 1, 2020, less the $200 discount
– Four payments: equal amounts due May 2020, August 2020, November 2020 and February 2021
– Ten monthly payments: equal amounts due each month from May 2020 through February 2021

FACTS Online Tuition Management
Saint Saviour Catholic Academy uses FACTS to manage tuition payments. All families must register and select the payment plan that best suits your financial needs.

DewarTuition Insurance
Your financial obligation to Saint Saviour Catholic Academy is for the full annual tuition as stated in our Enrollment Contract. Our Academy has chosen Dewar: The Tuition Refund Plan to protect your tuition commitment against unforeseen withdrawals or dismissals such as a family move, injury/sickness, and financial problems.

To learn more, review Dewar: The Tuition Refund Plan Brochure (PDF).

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grades K to 8 for those who attend a Catholic Academy or Parish School within the Diocese of Brooklyn. Families must meet financial eligibility requirements to be considered.

The deadline to apply is March 30, 2020, for families already receiving assistance and April 30, 2020, for new families.

Click on the following link to be directed to the application where you will find more information about Futures in Education scholarship programs. 

Apply Now
FACTS is a third-party vendor, selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition. To learn more about Futures in Education, please visit

If you have any financial questions please contact:

Diane Rigobello
Financial Secretary
718-768-8000 Ext. 6