Susan McCabe-Walsh Announced Interim Principal


Dear Members of the Saint Saviour Catholic Academy Community:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is with great pleasure that we announce Susan McCabe-Walsh as our interim Principal at SSCA for the next academic year 2016-17.

“Miss Sue”, as she is known to many of our younger children and parents alike, comes to this new role with over 20 years of experience in education—from early childhood to 4th grade, including special education. She is certified in both Elementary and Special Education and will be certified in School Building Leadership after receipt of her second Masters in Education this month. Indeed, as part of her Master’s program, Ms. Walsh has been an administrative intern at the Academy this past year and has observed or participated in most administrative meetings, Board meetings and Board committee meetings.

Ms. Walsh has been a part of the St. Saviour community for the past six years as a teacher at the Academy and as the administrator for the School of Religion for grades K through 8 at St. Saviour Church. She has been an integral part of SSCA since she began working here. She has mentored newer teachers and has helped or filled in positions wherever she is needed. She is intimately familiar with our Academy, with our faculty and administrative staff, and most importantly, with many of your children. She will also have the unique opportunity to work closely with Ms. Lorenzen in coming months as she transitions to this new role.

We know Ms. Walsh to be a compassionate and skilled teacher committed to Catholic values and education. We know her to share the same educational philosophy as Ms. Lorenzen and to be equally committed to the momentum that is in place to carry our school forward. We are confident, that under Ms. Walsh’s leadership, we will continue on our path of academic excellence and building socially responsible young learners and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Sincerely yours,

Lenae Guarna
Chair of the Board of Directors