Spirit Wear

Students and their families can promote Saint Saviour Catholic Academy and show their school pride by wearing our Spirit Wear! If interested in purchasing an item complete the Spirit Wear Order Form and return it with payment to the Front Office.

Please note that students may wear the following Spirit Wear items during school hours in addition to the regular uniform. The Crimson T-Shirt, Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and Gray V-Neck T-Shirt can be worn on gym day only, and the Crimson Overhead Hoodie can be worn at all times over both the regular and gym uniforms.


Tote Bag $12.00ssca_spirit_wear_baseball_cap
Baseball Cap $15.00ssca_spirit_wear_fleece_headband
Fleece Headband $10.00ssca_spirit_wear_fleece_hat
Fleece Hat $15.00ssca_spirit_wear_scarf
Scarf $15.00ssca_spirit_wear_pin
Pin $15.00
Crimson T-Shirt $10.00ssca_spirit_wear_gray_long_sleeve_tshirt
Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt $12.00ssca_spirit_wear_gray_tshirt
Gray V-Neck T-Shirt $12 Child/$15 Adultssca_spirit_wear_crimson_overhead_hoodie
Crimson Overhead Hoodie $25.00ssca_spirit_wear_crimson_windbreaker
Crimson Windbreaker (By Order Only) $40.00