Lunch Program

Traditionally, students at Saint Saviour Catholic Academy pack lunch and bring it from home. Students eat lunch in the classroom while supervised by their homeroom teacher. This offers faculty and students a chance to interact on a social level as well as a controlled environment, especially when it comes to allergies. Please note, our Academy is nut and seed aware.

Red Rabbit lunch programWe have also partnered with Red Rabbit, a school lunch delivery service that offers hot, healthy, and organic meals straight to our classrooms from Monday-Thursday. If interested in registering for the 2 week trial, from October 2-13th click here (password for access is redrabbit2017).  Registration closes October 11th. Information of their program, policies, and local partners can be found in the Red Rabbit Program Flyer.

Pizza Friday
Fridays are Pizza Fridays at our Academy! Families have the option to have 1-2 slices of pizza for each child delivered fresh from a local pizzeria.

If interested, complete the Pizza Friday Registration Form and return it to the front office.  Please note you can type directly into the form.