Parking Placard

When dropping-off and picking up children, parents are requested not to double-park on Eighth Avenue. This practice is not only illegal, but also poses serious risk of injury to children exiting and entering vehicles.

Traffic Enforcement Agents have been asked to extend a courtesy of 10 minutes double-parking time to vehicles on 7th and 8th Street who have visibly placed a school issued Parking Placard in their car window at pickup/drop-off time.

Please note, this courtesy is only for double parking on 7th and 8th Street, never on Eighth Avenue, and at the discretion of individual Traffic Enforcement Agents.

Download the Parking Placard for your vehicle today!

Please make sure to complete the placard with your name and cell phone number should the driver of any car you may be blocking can contact you immediately. Thank you for your help in keeping Eighth Avenue clear for traffic to flow safely!