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Mr. Ted Stafford will be teaching our 3rd – 8th Grade Music class this year.

For student homework, announcements, resources, etc. visit the Google Class Page. Please note you can only access the page when logged into your Saint Saviour Catholic Academy account.

Music is a vocally oriented program with an emphasis on composition from Kindergarten – 8th Grade. There is an increasing focus on instrumental musicianship with new discoveries each year. Students begin with Orff instruments and move through recorders into band instruments.

Children will learn how to play their choice of saxophone, trumpet, and flute in a group setting. It is open to 5th – 8th Grade and will take place at 7:30 AM, dates to be confirmed.

Our choruses sing a variety of music ranging from sacred music, folk songs, and contemporary hits.

Junior Chorus: Open to 3rd – 5th Grade
Senior Chorus: Open to 6th – 8th Grade

Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop (YCIW)
YCIW is an organization dedicated to promoting music composition in the school classroom. Through the combination of a progressive curriculum, technological resources, online composer mentoring, and live performance, YCIW’s goal is to help every kind of learner regardless of experience engage in music composition as a basic part of his/her education. For additional information on the Young Composers & Improvisers Workshop, go to

2015 YCIW Composition Videos
2016 YCIW Composition Videos
2016 YCIW Audio Recordings

Ted_Stafford_140x135Mr. Ted Stafford
Music Teacher
Grades Taught: 1st – 8th Grade
Employed Since: 2014