Board of Directors

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy is governed by a two-tiered board that is comprised of a Board of Directors and a Board of Members. You can learn more about the difference between Catholic academies and schools here.

The role of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the Academy fulfills its mission while at all times supporting and sharing our Catholic faith. Each Director serves a three-year renewable term and draws on personal experience to advise the Academy administration on all matters.

While employees and parents of current students cannot serve on the Board, they are encouraged to serve on our Board Committees. There are several Board Committees including Nominating, Finance, Development, Mission Assessment and Academics, Marketing, Personnel, and Building and Grounds. Please note, the Nominating Committee is limited to current Directors and the Finance Committee may not include current parents.

If you would like to volunteer for a Board Committee please email Lenae Guarna at

Watch Currents Education Correspondent Marie Elena Grossi report from Saint Saviour Catholic Academy on the transition to an Academy model and how it has been a key to our success.

Board of Members
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed. D – Superintendent of Schools
Bishop James Massa
Father Frank W. Spacek, D. Min – Pastor, Church of Saint Saviour
Monsignor Guy Massie – Pastor, Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary – Saint Stephen Church
Most Reverend James Massa, Ph.D., D.D. – Pastor, Holy Family – Saint Thomas Aquinas Church

Board of Directors: Officers
Lenae Guarna – Board Chairperson
Pat Alberto – Board Vice-Chairperson, Chairperson Mission Assessment and Academics Committee
Jeanmarie Davis – Treasurer, Chairperson Finance Committee
Pam Hamingson – Secretary

Board of Directors: Members
Carisima Koenig – Chairperson, Building and Grounds Committee
Kate Broderick (Haigney) – Chairperson, Development and Marketing Committee
Monique Jenkins
Michael Nilsen
Gregory Arte